Our Vision

2018 was a big year here at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. We accomplished so much, thanks to the support of our partners and donors. As I reflect on the year, I’m humbled by the magnitude of the issues we’ve taken on, and I’m astounded by our impact.

This year, we totally reimagined LabVenture, our signature education program that serves middle school students and teachers from all over Maine. We brought our climate knowledge and leadership to the national stage. We deepened our work with fishermen and fish farmers in workshops and out on the water.

Internally, we achieved major operational milestones. Our new strategic plan has provided a roadmap to deepen our impact. We welcomed a new Chief Financial Officer. Under her leadership, we have enjoyed continued financial health and perfect audits. We closed out a $23 million fundraising campaign that positions us for long-term stability and impact.

As we look forward to the new year, I couldn’t be more excited about our direction. You can expect us to tackle the toughest research questions related to climate change and the future of our fisheries.

Look for us to expand our offering of public science education opportunities. Join us as we support our regional fishing fleet and fish farming community as they develop an innovative and resilient 21st century seafood industry.

As we take on all this and more, know we’re deeply, deeply appreciative of your continued support for our work. Thank you!

— Don Perkins, GMRI President/CEO

Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Overview

Revenue: $4,558,907

Expenses: $5,040,825

Total Net Assets

Effective January 1, 2018, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) changed its fiscal year end reporting period to June 30. Therefore, what follows reflects the fiscal year January 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018.

Due to the seasonality of our income, the short fiscal year, and the lack of a fourth quarter when most of our individual charitable contributions are received, we anticipated that there would be a deficit for this short or ‘stub’ year.

GMRI had a loss of $265,000, which was better than our budgeted $325,000 deficit. This better-than-anticipated outcome reflects continued success in our operations, sustained delivery of core programs and 4% growth in total expenses, when compared to the same timeframe in 2017.

Science, Education, and Community programs are funded primarily by federal grants, foundation grants, and individual contributions. Revenue was up $90,000 when compared to the same timeframe in 2017, primarily arising from increases in federal and foundation grants.

Fundraising and community relations activities are funded by unrestricted contributions. Most administrative costs are allocated as overhead to program and development costs, in compliance with federal cost guidelines. The balance of administrative expense is funded by income from administrative services contracted to our subsidiary.

GMRI’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Gulf of Maine Properties Inc. (GMPInc), owns and operates GMRI’s facilities. GMRI rents 85% of the total space in the building and the remaining space is rented to other tenants.

GMRI has always received unqualified opinions from external auditors in our financial and federal compliance audits. Our 2018 external audit was no exception.

Most of the growth in our net assets over time has been in endowments and investment in property and facilities.  We maintain our 2005 laboratory facilities in A-class shape. In 2018, we completed a major renovation to our Cohen Center for Interactive Learning, home to our LabVenture program. The Science Literacy Fund for Maine and other GMRI-held endowment funds reflect a new phase of asset growth, starting in 2013. As anticipated, our net assets decreased slightly in 2018, reflecting the impact of the six month fiscal year.

Meanwhile, GMRI continues to grow its national and international reputation as a marine research institute, a leader in science education, and a resource for marine and seafood businesses from boat-to-plate.

GMRI and GMPinc audited financial statements are reported on a consolidated basis. Copies can be downloaded from our website at www.gmri.org/financials.


The success of our organization depends on our strong community of donors. In this video, they share why they support the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.



Wind Rose Society Gifts

We are grateful to the following members of the Wind Rose Society for their gifts between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Wind Rose Society members lead the way in helping GMRI protect our ocean, sustain vibrant coastal communities, and prepare the next generation for active citizenship.

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Andrew P. Barowsky Foundation, Inc.
  • Capt. Frank Blair
  • Alison & Michael Bonney
  • Renee & Scott Bowie
  • Julia & Jim Brady
  • The Louis Calder Foundation
  • Sam L. Cohen Foundation
  • Coulombe Family Foundation
  • Suzanne & Joseph Cyr / John T. Cyr & Sons, Inc.
  • Harold Dudley Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • East Point Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Marion Freeman & Corky Ellis
  • Fore River Foundation
  • Daniel Hildreth
  • Seal Bay II Fund of the Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Horace Hildreth
  • Island Foundation, Inc.
  • Jane’s Trust Foundation
  • Jane’s Trust
  • Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation
  • Harry W. Konkel
  • Lenfest Ocean Program
  • Libra Foundation
  • Limulus Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Cindy & Scott Mahoney
  • Michael L. Meyers
  • Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
  • Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
  • Nestlé Waters North America
  • Noyce Foundation Fund of the Cornell University Foundation
  • Penny Noyce & Leo Liu
  • O’Hara Corporation
  • The David & Lucille Packard Foundation
  • Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc.
  • Pew Charitable Trust
  • Katherine Pope
  • Pru & Louis Ryan
  • Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
  • Beverly & David Sherman
  • Virginia B. Squiers Foundation
  • Bonnie & Bill Stoloski
  • The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
  • Diana Washburn
  • Edwin S. Webster Foundation
  • Wescustogo Foundation
  • The Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
($10,000 – $24,999 ANNUALLY)
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Betts & C. D. Armstrong
  • Janet & Jim Averill
  • Joan S. Blaine
  • Margaret & Dick Curran
  • Davis Conservation Foundation
  • Doree Taylor Charitable Foundation
  • The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
  • F.I.S.H. Foundation
  • Kristine & Richard Ganong Jr
  • The Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
  • John T. Gorman Foundation
  • Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.
  • Terry Ann Scriven & Frank Governali
  • Jean & John Gulliver
  • Sally & Bill Haggett
  • The Hyman Family Foundation
  • IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
  • Kettering Family Philanthropies
  • Key Bank of Maine
  • Nancy & Sam Ladd
  • Ellen Little & Stephen Little Fund
  • Suzanne & Cornelius McGinn
  • Dawna & Mark Messier
  • Judith Brown Meyers Fund
  • Margot & Roger Milliken
  • MMG Insurance
  • Bonnie Porta & Robert C.S. Monks
  • Oakhurst Dairy
  • Onion Foundation
  • Nancy & Donald Perkins
  • Melissa & Matt Rubel
  • Anne H. Russell Gift Fund
  • Ryan and Scheu Family Charitable Fund
  • Kari & Bob Suva
  • TD Charitable Foundation
  • Marjorie D. Twombly
  • Welch Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
($5,000 – $9,999 ANNUALLY)
  • Anonymous
  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Cianbro Charitable Foundation
  • Maryellen & Julian Coles
  • Manny Morgan & Chris Corbett
  • Linda & Paul Draper
  • The Evergreen II Fund at the recommendation of the Lapham Family
  • Fisher Charitable Foundation
  • Kimberly Gorton
  • Blaine & Charles Grimes
  • Anne Wade & James Hagan
  • Maine Community Foundation at the request of Peter Handy
  • Cheryl & George Higgins
  • The J. M. Kaplan Fund, Inc.
  • Kennebunk Savings
  • Elizabeth Ann Leach Charitable Foundation
  • Denise Caron & C. Anthony McDonald
  • Peter J. McLaughlin and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Family Fund
  • Ellie & Charlie Miller
  • North Coast Seafoods
  • The Old Bug Light Charitable Foundation
  • Pope Hamill Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • R.S. Evans Foundation, Inc.
  • Kathleen & U. Charles Remmel
  • The Reny Charitable Foundation
  • Rines Thompson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Susan & David Rockefeller
  • The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation
  • The Stockly Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • The Daniel K. Thorne Foundation, Inc.
  • Up East Foundation
  • WEX Incorporated
  • Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Bill & Patty Zimmerman

($1,000 – $4,999 ANNUALLY)
  • Anonymous (6)
  • Alere Scarborough, Inc.
  • Lindsay & Geoffrey Alexander
  • Angel Foundation
  • Ellen Asherman
  • Elizabeth Astor
  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • Kathryn Barber & Mark Dvorozniak
  • Gay & Tony Barclay
  • Bath Iron Works
  • Bath Savings Institution
  • The Robert P. & Patricia J. Bauman Family Foundation
  • Becky’s Diner
  • The Overlook Fund at the recommendation of Michael Beebe
  • James G. & Carolyn Birmingham Foundation
  • Victoria & Erno Bonebakker
  • Arlene Briard
  • Eliza Ginn & Joshua Broder
  • Buck Family Fund of the Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Sandy & Sissy Buck
  • Nonnie & Rick Burnes
  • Elizabeth R. Butler
  • Gena Canning
  • Judy & Phelps Carter
  • Kate & Tom Chappell
  • Charlotte’s Web Foundation
  • Clark Insurance
  • Mr. & Mrs. Skip Coggin
  • Wallstone Fund of the Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Chris Corbett
  • Madeleine G. Corson
  • Joyce & Patrick Coughlan
  • Debra Coyman
  • H. King & Jean Cummings Charitable Fund
  • Alison & Edward Darling
  • Carol Ward & Charles de Sieyes
  • Denise & Michael Dubyak
  • Eaton Peabody
  • Emera Maine
  • Mary Kathleen Ernst & Edmund Spivack
  • The Robert G. and Jane V. Engel Foundation
  • Ellie & Lew Estabrooks
  • Courtney & Jonathan Evans
  • Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement
  • Heidi & David Fitz
  • Lucinda Ziesing & Des FitzGerald
  • Wendy & William Foulke Jr
  • Franklin Savings Bank
  • Mark Doiron
  • Annette Gosnell
  • Robert R. Gould & Sarah Copeman Gould Fund
  • Ellen Grant & Kevin Carley
  • Nancy Grant & Michael Boyson
  • The Gulliver / Spirn Charitable Fund
  • Sam Hamill
  • Diana & Peter Hammond
  • Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Steven A. Hammond
  • Hannaford Supermarkets
  • Kubik Hanson Charitable Fund
  • Emily & Thomas Haslett
  • The F. B. Heron Foundation
  • High Liner Foods, Inc.
  • Hilleary Family Fund
  • Hoffman Family Foundation / Jean Hoffman
  • Orton P. Jackson Jr
  • Betsy & John Kelly
  • Brigitte & Hal Kingsbury
  • Hart Fund of the Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of Eleanor Kinney
  • Kleinschmidt Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Suzanne & Jim Kohlberg
  • Nyssa & William Kourakos
  • Kyes Insurance
  • Denise LaRue & Bob Furman
  • Susan & David Lawrence
  • Jane & Don Leeber
  • The Leeber Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Morse Hill Trust at the recommendation of Ellie Linen Low & David Low
  • Peggy & Bob MacArthur
  • Machias Savings Bank
  • Joshua Madore
  • Marr-Anderson Family Foundation
  • Mark Mason
  • Kevin P. McCarthy
  • Mary & Kenny Nelson
  • Ginny & Pete Nicholas
  • Brooke & P. Andrews Nixon
  • Catherine Houlihan & John Norris III
  • Norway Savings Bank
  • Ardis & Rodney Ono
  • Matthew O’Reilly
  • Alfred Osher & Dorothy Suzi Osher Memorial Foundation
  • Pamela & Michel Ouellet
  • People’s United Bank
  • Chris Wolfe & Michael Perry
  • Cathy & John Pershing
  • Beth K. Pfeiffer
  • Pierce Atwood, LLP
  • Janice & Scott Pierce
  • Denley Poor-Reynolds & Matt Reynolds
  • Joan & Tim Porta
  • Portland Pipe Line
  • Proprietors of Union Wharf
  • Merilee Raines & Dan Snow
  • Kay & Matt Ralston
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Cornelia Robinson through the John R. Robinson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Peggy & Bill Ryan
  • Saco & Biddeford Savings
  • The Frank and Brinna Sands Foundation
  • Jeff Schaefer
  • Nemo Fund
  • Mary Jane & Richard Schotte
  • Laurel Walsh & Justin Schuetz
  • Ann Seitz
  • The Alfred M. Senter Fund
  • David Shaw
  • Ann & Peter Sheldon
  • Martha Burchenal & David Sherman Jr
  • Beth Shissler
  • Ellen C. L. Simmons
  • Libby & Frank Simon
  • Skowhegan Savings Bank
  • Smaha Family Charitable Trust
  • Carl Soderberg
  • Carl Spang
  • Phineas W. Sprague Memorial Foundation
  • Dorothy & Craig Stapleton
  • Nancy & Brian Strong
  • The Struzziero Family Foundation
  • Wendy & JB Sullivan
  • Robin Taylor Chiarello
  • Bettina & Marc Terfloth
  • The Joseph H. Thompson Fund
  • Brinkley Thorne Family Fund
  • Laurie Towers
  • Susan & Stanley Trotman
  • The VIA Agency
  • Ann S. Waldron
  • Roberta & David Walker
  • William Webster
  • Elise & Roger Wellington
  • WesaDoe Fund of Vanguard Charitable
  • Whetzel Family Charitable Trust
  • Nancy Winslow & Robert Willis
  • Sheila & Bruce Wilson
  • Carol & Joe Wishcamper
  • Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc.
  • Timothy Wyant
  • Nina & Michael Zilkha
  • Zug Family Fund
Gifts to Endowment are in bold. ** indicates deceased.